Jan 2017

Top Majors For UW Colleges Students

1/31/17By UW Colleges

College is about following your dreams and finding a career that's right for you. Whether you want to be a lawyer, doctor, engineer, broadcaster, artist or anything in between, a UW Colleges campus is a great place to start your journey.


Why Future Students Attend Preview Days

1/25/17By UW Colleges

UW Colleges locations across the state are hosting their campus preview events in the coming weeks. These sessions give visitors a peek into life on campus as a UW Colleges student.

Potential students, parents, friends and family are all...

How To Start The Semester Off Right

1/17/17By UW Colleges

A new semester is right around the corner, which is a perfect opportunity to start fresh. Maybe you want to get better grades or join a student organization. Or maybe you'll transfer after this term, and you want to make sure you leave on a high...

Tips For Managing A Busy Schedule

1/10/17By UW Colleges

College students are busy. As if work, staying healthy, family responsibilities and other obligations weren’t enough, now you’re going to pile on assignments, readings, essays and more each week? Not to mention having to be disciplined and study...

Why Students Succeed At UW Colleges

1/3/17By UW Colleges

Say you're a student and you're looking for a college that's right for you. You want an affordable education, you want to take classes you're interested in and most of all you want to make sure the school helps you succeed in your journey.


Dec 2016

Top Transfer Destinations For UW Colleges Students

12/28/16By UW Colleges

Many UW Colleges students are receiving their degrees and looking forward to the next step in their college career. Every year, thousands of our students choose to transfer to a four-year university to pursue their dream of earning a bachelor’s...

Why Grads Get Their Start At UW Colleges

12/20/16By UW Colleges

Graduation season is upon us, and thousands of college students in Wisconsin are about to walk across the stage, receive their diplomas and consider their next steps. But before these students could reach graduation, they had to choose a college...

Seven Study Tips For Success On Your Final Exams

12/13/16By UW Colleges

The semester is nearly over and the only thing standing between you and winter break are your final exams. Finals week can be stressful for any student, but with preparation and good study strategies, you can confidently tackle...

Nov 2016

Five Reasons To Transfer To UW Colleges

11/23/16By UW Colleges

The end of the semester is a perfect time for students to take a moment and think about where they are in their college journey. Are they getting...

Why you should try a UW Colleges Winterim course

11/23/16By UW Colleges

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping, which means winter is right around the corner! For many students, winter break means traveling, spending time outdoors and warming...