Current Licenses

Licenses Available Licensing Grades DPI Subject Codes
Broadfield Natural Sciences 6-12 1601
Biology 6-12 1605
Chemistry 6-12 1610
Earth Science 6-12 1635
Physics 6-12 1625
Mathematics 6-12 1400
Technology Education K-12 1220

Broadfield Natural Science Major  

  • Recommended for students who wish to obtain the Broadfield Natural Science licensure in order to teach at the Early Adolescence to Adolescence Level (age 10-21).
  • Required Units (credits): 60 minimum units
  • Required Courses: 54 units in science to include:
  • A minor in one of the following areas of science: Biology (25 credits), Chemistry (23 credits), Earth Science (32 credits) or Physics (25 credits).
  • A minimum of 14 units in one of the above science areas which has not been selected for the minor and a minimum of 8 units (credits) in each of the two remaining science areas.
  • A minimum of 6 units of Mathematics at the level of Mathematics 103 and Mathematics 104 or above (not included in the 54 units/credits).
  • Environmental Education Requirement (completion of the following courses): Biology 104 or 349, Chemistry 103, Environmental Studies 101, Geography 314 or Geology 150.
  • Electives: Sufficient to meet the minimum requirement. All electives must be science courses.

Mathematics Major

Required Units (Credits): 39 minimum units

Core Mathematics Courses:

  • Mathematics 171 Calculus I 4 credits
  • Mathematics 172 Calculus II 4 credits
  • Mathematics 222 Intro to Abstract Mathematics 3 credits
  • Mathematics 256 Intro to Linear Mathematics 3 credits
  • Mathematics 273 Calculus III 4 credits

Required Courses: In addition to the Core Courses:

  • Mathematics: Mathematics 301, 331; 333 or 334; 485; plus one course from: Mathematics 342, 346, or 349.
  • Electives: Sufficient courses from the Department's offerings to meet the minimum requirement selected so that at least one elective is selected from two of the following four areas (may not be double counted from the required courses):
    • Algebra-Mathematics 342, 346, or 349;
    • Geometry/Topology-Mathematics 333, 334, or 480;
    • Probability/Statistics-Mathematics 302, 304, 305, 381, 385, 386, 401, or 402;
    • Computing-Mathematics 352, 355, 356, or 357;
    • Analysis-Mathematics 371, 375, 376, or 467.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) only accepts Initial Educator License applications online. Application can only be made after successfully completing student teaching and receiving a passing score on the edTPA. Directions for completing the on-line application can be found on the DPI’s web site.

Technology Education Major

Contact Dr. Michael Beeth for information.

Verification of Program Completion  

If you would like an official letter of verification that your license has been applied for and is in the process of being issued by DPI, you can request a “Verification of Program Completion” letter from Dr. Michael Beeth. The act! Program will issue this letter when requested.

This request should be submitted to:

Dr. Michael Beeth
act! program Director
800 Algoma Blvd
Oshkosh, WI 54901
Phone: 920-424-3326