Adding, Dropping & Late Registration

How do I add or drop courses?

You may add a course or courses online at any time up until the first day of classes via the "add a class" or "drop a class" function in PRISM

When is the deadline to add or drop a course?

Some campuses will allow students to add or drop classes online through the first 2 weeks of classes of a semester-long course, the first week of an eight-week course or during a proportionate time for shorter classes. Contact your Solution Center if you are not able to add or drop a course in PRISM.  All adds must occur by the deadline dates. Exceptions to the time limit are made only with the written consent of the instructor.

What does dropping with a "W" mean?

If a course is dropped after the second week of classes for a semester course, or, after the end of the first week of courses less than 12 weeks in length, a grade of "W" or "withdrawal" will be recorded on the student's official record. The University of Wisconsin Colleges may establish procedures for dropping students administratively if the students do not attend one or more of the first class sessions in a semester. The number of class sessions missed before implementation of an administrative drop is at the discretion of the UW Colleges.

Do I receive a refund when I drop a course?

Please see the refund schedule for information on tuition and fee refund amounts.

Can I register late? 

You may register late, observing the same regulations as for adding courses. Late registration is subject to any late registration charge in effect under Regent policy.