Withdrawal means terminating your registration in all courses for the semester. Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal. While you may drop individual classes online through PRISM, you will not be able to withdraw completely from the UW Colleges by this method. You must contact your campus Solution Center to process a complete withdrawal from school. 

Withdrawal Options

You may officially withdraw from the University by:

Withdrawal Form

Submitting a completed Withdrawal Form to the campus Solution Center. The effective date of withdrawal will be the date this form is received in the Solution Center; OR


Directing a dated letter with your signature to the campus Solution Center stating your desire to withdraw. The postmark date will be used to determine the effective date of withdrawal. This letter must be post-marked no later than the end of the 10th week of classes; OR

Telephone Call

If this option is used, the date of the call will be used as the effective date of withdrawal. The telephone call must be followed by a signed letter of authorization, postmarked within two (2) days of the call. If the letter is not postmarked within these two days, the postmark date will determine the effective date of withdrawal.

If you are attending a University of Wisconsin Colleges campus that rents textbooks, the official withdrawal process includes the return of the texts to the appropriate office.

You must complete the official withdrawal process in one of these three ways no later than the 10th week of classes of any semester, the end of the fifth week of an eight-week summer session, or proportionate time for a shorter session. If you do not withdraw in any of the ways described, you will receive grades in all courses for which you were registered.

Tuition Refunds

Tuition refunds are governed by the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents Fee Refund Schedule, issued annually. The date your withdrawal is completed officially is the date used for calculating tuition refunds. See more information about withdrawal and the refund schedule.


Any student who withdraws from two consecutive semesters will not be eligible to enroll without seeking readmission. (This does not affect students who enroll for an original credit load of less than six credits in each of two consecutive semesters.)

Financial Aid Repayment

Due to federal regulations that govern Student Financial Aid, you may owe a repayment of your financial aid if you withdraw from the University. Withdrawing from school may also affect your future eligibility for financial aid if you do not fulfill the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy requirements. Please see the Academic Progress and Withdrawal page in the Financial Aid section of the website for complete information.

Contact your campus Solution Center if you have questions about financial aid and/or withdrawing.