Post-Travel Considerations

Welcome back! Congratulations! You have succeeded with your endeavor! You have helped your participants enrich themselves with the experience they would probably have never been able to receive in a traditional classroom. Of course, your professional experience has been enhanced too. Have some rest, but ASAP schedule a wrap up session with your participants (within 3 weeks of your return). Also

  • Set up the meeting with Department Chair, Campus Dean, and Study Abroad Office to discuss the results of the completed study tour, review the Study Abroad Program Evaluations and develop a plan for improvement (within 4 weeks of your return).
  • Submit all financial reports to the Study Abroad Coordinator (within 2 weeks of your return).
  • Submit your final report to the Study Abroad Office (6 weeks of your return). Include a detailed list of all participants, a copy of your final itinerary, financial report, and activity report with your general assessment of the completed study abroad tour.

Don’t forget to share pictures and videos of the program. It would be wonderful if you could set up a meeting with the colleagues from your Campus and Department and share you experience – they might consider leading a study abroad program next time!