Canada 2014

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Polar Bears to Plankton: On the Frontiers of Climate Change

Consider this opportunity to see some of the greatest megafauna in the world, including whales, foxes, owls and polar bears, while learning about one of the most ominous and controversial issues of our time: global warming. Students would have a unique opportunity to explore one of the frontiers of climate change, a unique ecosystem and area full of cultural heritage.  At the edge of the arctic and the ocean, the subarctic Canadian Shield and boreal forest/tundra around Churchill, Manitoba deeply affected by climate change.  We would arrive by train from Winnipeg, so that students can experience the landscape and ecosystem-level changes as they move north. The Churchill Northern Studies Center, a unique biological station near the edge of Hudson Bay would be our home during the course. CNSC is a gathering point for many researchers in the subarctic and we would have the opportunity to interact with many of them, especially polar bear researchers, who have documented the changes in bear biology as it has tracked global climate changes.


BIO 298 – Special Topics in Biology – 3 credits – Summer 2014

Travel Dates

Departure: August 10, 2014
Return: August 18, 2014


Todd Levine, Lecturer of Biology
UW-Rock County
608-758-6565 X758

Estimated Program Cost

$2,496 (includes all program expenses including lodging, all in-country transportation, insurance, instruction, and study abroad administrative application fee). No additional tuition fees. Price subject to change pending increases in transportation, surcharges and fees.

Out of Pocket Personal Cost

1) passport which costs $140 (plus $25 execution fee) if you don't already have one;
2) International Student Identity Card (ISIC) which costs $22;
3) spending money such as a handful of meals, souvenirs, calling cards, etc. Estimate $100/week.

Application Deadline: May 15, 2014

A $500 deposit is due upon application (please click here for an Application Form and UW Colleges Uniform Statement of Responsibility). Please make the check payable to "UW Colleges" and mail it together with the completed and signed application to Tetyana Schneider, UW Colleges Study Abroad, 432 N Lake Street, Madison, WI 53706

For partial scholarship consideration, please submit your application by February 1, 2014.

Payment is due in full by May 15 and non-refundable unless we cancel the program.

Itinerary, price and dates may be subject to change.