The Art Department, in furthering the mission of the University of Wisconsin Colleges, emphasizes the department's responsibility to enhance student learning by providing students with both the disciplinary knowledge and general education proficiencies and skills that prepare all students for degree programs and life-long learning. We believe that mastering the basics of visual communication is an important aspect of a student's education. New technologies require the ability to integrate words and images for a variety of applications in multi-media venues. Many ideas can only be conveyed through images – this creates new applications for art and design in every field of knowledge from anthropology to zoology. In addition the department provides students with an understanding of aesthetic cultural diversity through the study of the history of art which contributes to responsible citizenship. Art Department members, as professional artists and educators, provide invaluable outreach to their communities in numerous ways: as gallery directors, jurors of art competitions, lecturers on contemporary issues in art and art history, instructors/guides for our study abroad programs and through participation in professional and community organizations, to name a few. Collectively the Art Department helps expand the public understanding of art, art history and art education as part of a broader relationship between the university and the communities it serves.