Risk Management

The safety and well-being of students and faculty is of utmost concern. Faculty leaders may find themselves facing an emergency involving one of more of the students who are in their care, or an emergency of their own. Participants can and do become ill, suffer accidents, are the victims of thefts and assaults, find themselves caught up in potentially violent political situations, or fail to return on time to programs after a weekend away. While it is impossible to plan for all contingencies, the faculty leader needs to follow Risk Management protocol established for the UW Colleges Study Abroad Programs that will allow for reaction in a responsible and levelheaded way when emergencies do arise (please refer to the UW Colleges Study Abroad Risk Management protocol).

Considering a great variety of risks associated with a study abroad program, a faculty leader has to be prepared to take serious measures to reduce risk and liability. Full disclosure of risks reduces possible liability. The faculty leaders should assess risks associated with their programs and disclose them to students and their parents/families in as much detail and as far in advance as possible. Please explain your personal expectations regarding students’ behavior behavior. In addition to the signed Uniform Statement of Responsibility, Release, and Authorization by each student, the faculty leader should reemphasize to the students that their improper behavior might result in immediate expulsion from the program without the possibility of refund.


The UW Colleges reserves the right to make any changes to itineraries, travel arrangements, hotels, excursions, activities or other plans. Such changes are not grounds for cancellation of registration.