Campus Assessment Coordinators

CAC Responsibilities

  1. Promoting assessment on campus
    • Promoting active involvement in assessment activities by campus administrators, instructors, professional staff, and students
    • Promoting and assisting in the integration of assessment of student learning across the campus and the institution
    • Disseminating information about assessment to campus colleagues
  2. Coordinating assessment on the campus
    • Overseeing and monitoring assessment activities on the campus
    • Encouraging instructors and professional staff to use the results from assessment activities to improve curricular and co-curricular activities and programs
    • Convening division-specific and campus-wide meetings on assessment at least once a semester during the academic year
    • Planning assessment professional development opportunities (e.g., guest speakers, workshops, reading circles, etc.)
  3. Communicating with both the campus and the Office of Academic Affairs regarding assessment
    • Keeping the Senate Assessment Committee informed of campus assessment activities, issues, and/or concerns via a yearly campus plan and report
    • Disseminating information from the UW Colleges Office of Academic Affairs and Senate Assessment Committee relating to assessment (e.g., assessment data, campus reports, professional development opportunities, technology-enabled town hall meetings, assessment conferences, etc.) to the campus community
    • Participating in meetings with other Campus Assessment Coordinators and the Senate Assessment Committee
2016-2017 Campus Assessment Coordinator Roster
Campus Name Department
UW-Baraboo/Sauk County Jason Schulte HES
UW-Barron County Quentin Vieregge English
UW-Fond du Lac  Lisa Schreibersdorf


UW-Fox Valley Terri Gonya Biology
UW-Manitowoc Breeyawn Lybbert Chemistry
UW-Marathon County Joanne Giordano English
UW-Marinette Dorothy Kowalski


UW-Marshfield/Wood County Jeff Amundson Psychology
UW-Richland Jordan Hill English
UW-Rock County Akaylah Jaeke HESA
UW-Sheboygan Devin Bickner Math
UW-Washington County Carl Gahala Business
UW-Waukesha Jill Rinzel & Juilanna Alitto Psychology/Education
UW Colleges Libraries Ane Carriveau Libraries


CAC Assessment Timeline: 2016-2017
Date Task/Activity

September 2016

Discuss 2015-2016 assessment results with campus
September-October 2016 Discuss 2016-2017 focus area with campus
 15 October 2016 Report the campus focus to the SAC via sharepoint (receive $250 by December 1)
November 2016 CAC/SAC Wisline meeting
September-December Consult with your campus dean and Steering or Assessment Committee about your project
18 January 2017 SAC/CAC/DAC meeting at UW-Fond du Lac
January-February 2017 Update campus on assessment activities
April 2017 CAC/SAC Wisline meeting
30 May 2017 Final report to the SAC (receive $500 by September 1)
June 2017 SAC reviews CAC reports
July 2017 SAC gives feedback to CACs