Department Assessment Coordinators

Department Assessment Coordinator Responsibilities

  1. Promoting assessment within the department
    • Promoting active involvement in assessment activities by departmental colleagues
    • Promoting and assisting in the integration of assessment of student learning within the department and the institution
    • Disseminating information about assessment to department colleagues
  2. Coordinating assessment within the department
    • Working with a department assessment committee to oversee and monitor assessment activities within the department
    • Encouraging instructors to use the results from assessment activities to improve pedagogy and curricular programs
    • Convening a department assessment committee when needed, and facilitating assessment-related specific dialogue at department meetings
    • Planning assessment professional development opportunities (e.g., guest speakers, workshops, reading circles, and the like)
  3. Communicating with both the department and the Office of Academic Affairs regarding assessment
    • Keeping the Senate Assessment Committee informed of department assessment activities, issues, and/or concerns via a yearly department plan and report
    • Disseminating information from the UW Colleges Office of Academic Affairs and Senate Assessment Committee relating to assessment (e.g., assessment data, department reports, professional development opportunities, Town Hall meetings, assessment conferences, etc.) to the department
    • Participating in meetings with other Department Assessment Coordinators and the Senate Assessment Committee 
2016-2017 Department Assessment Coordinator Roster
Department Name Campus
American Indian Studies Christopher Hays UW-Washington County
Anthropology and Sociology Greg Peter UW-Fox Valley
Art Diana Budde UW-Marathon County
Biology Paul Whitaker UW-Marathon County
Business and Economics Jill Halverson UW-Fox Valley
Chemistry Breeyawn Lybbert UW-Manitowoc
 Communication and Theatre Arts Steven Decker UW-Waukesha
Communication & Theatre Arts Rebecca Stone-Thornberry UW-Marinette
CSEPA Christa James-Brynes UW-Barron County
English Jill Stukenberg UW-Marathon County
English Holly Hassel UW-Marathon County
Geography and Geology Keith West UW-Marinette
Health and Exercise Science Jared Dalberg UW-Manitowoc
History Chris Stone UW-Manitowoc
Mathematics Carrie Tirel UW-Fox Valley
Mathematics Amanuel Teweldemedhin UW-Waukesha
Music Jeff Suarez UW-Rock County
Philosophy Doug Hosler UW-Marathon
Political Science George Waller UW-Fox Valley
Psychology/Education Jill Rinzel UW-Waukesha
Psychology/Education Julianna Alitto UW-Waukesha
World Languages Marcie Pratt UW-Baraboo/Sauk County
Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Jessica Van Slooten UW-Manitowoc


Assessment Timeline: 2016-2017
Date Task/Activity
15 July DACs submit drafts of final reports for 2015 - 2016 assessment cycle.
12 August 2016 SAC/DACs Meeting. SAC replies to DACs regarding draft reports.
15 September DACs complete and submit final reports to the sharepoint site for previous cycle. ( receive $1000 by December 1)
2016-2017 Reporting Cycle
15 October Preliminary department-specific/institution-wide assessment plans for fall semester submitted to sharepoint. (receive $300 by December 1)
January 2016 Academic Affairs reports 1st semester results to DACs.
18 January 2017 SAC/DAC/CAC Meeting at UW-Fond du Lac
15 February Preliminary department-specific/institution-wide assessment plans for spring semester submitted to sharepoint. (receive $300 by May 1)
Mid March Academic Affairs report to Senate.
March/April/May Spring department meetings (discuss data from the previous fall semester, how data will be used to improve instruction and upcoming department assessment plans).
Mid-June Academic Affairs reports spring semester assessment results to DACs.
6 July 2017 SAC/DACs Wisline meeting (discuss interim reports and review progress).
July 15 DACs submit drafts of report for the current year.
11 August 2017 SAC/DACs meeting at UW Fox. SAC replies to draft reports.
End of August Department meetings on draft reports and upcoming year's assessment plans. (Convocation)
15 September DACs submit final report for 2016-2017 assessment cycle. (receive $1000 by December 1)