November 9, 2017
UW-Washington County has a strong connection to the community it serves. 

Every year Washington County community members attend events on campus that they have come to expect such as the Fall Lecture Series, the Fine Arts performances, and the Spring Art Festival.

In addition to the annual events, when a once in a lifetime opportunity arose like the recent solar eclipse, Associate...

November 2, 2017
UWC Libraries has swapped in over forty new titles

to our popular streaming film database, Swank, including Spotlight, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Easy Rider, Clueless, and the Harry Potter series.

Swank features over 230 major motion pictures from the past ninety years, from The Jazz Singer (1927) to La La Land (2016).  Genres include comedy, thriller, drama, science fiction, musical,...

October 27, 2017

Another Halloween season is upon us! Mystery and fright may lurk behind even the familiar corners of your very own home...
Beware and behold... this year's list of Haunted House Novels to get you into the spirit of the season:


Hell House by Richard Matheson ISBN 0-312-86885-5

Psychic investigators spend a week in the Mount Everest of haunted...