Tuition and Fees

Academic tuition is set by the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents. Student fees are recommended by each local campus, reviewed by the Chancellor and approved by the Board of Regents. University of Wisconsin Colleges tuition and fees are the lowest in the University of Wisconsin System.

For current tuition and fee information, view the fee schedule pages for each campus at the bottom of this page.

Additional Fees

  • There is an additional tuition charge of $197.93 per credit for all credits over 18.
  • Online courses are not included in the 12-18 full-time campus credits. See the UW Colleges Online Tuition & Fees page for details.
  • BAAS courses are not included in the 12-18 full-time campus credits.
  • Study Abroad courses are not included in the 12-18 full-time campus credits. It is a separate fee to be determined by the campus.
  • International students will be assessed an International Student Fee of $125 per semester. For more information on international student tuition and fees, please see the International Students page for details.

Tuition and fees change each year, so it is important to contact either a campus Solution Center  or the Bursar's Office for current information.

All tuition and fees are payable at the time of registration. Students must either pay in full or enter into a credit agreement. Under special circumstances, a student may be granted a payment deferral to extend the time to pay fees.

Policies for cancellation of registration, withdrawal, late payment fees, refunds, etc., which include financial aspects, are itemized in the campus timetable.

Students must officially withdraw through the Student Affairs Office. The date of this official withdrawal will be used to calculate fees due, required repayments of financial aid, or refunds. Merely ceasing to attend class does not constitute official withdrawal from University of Wisconsin Colleges. Students who do officially withdraw may be eligible for refunds. The refund schedule is available from the Bursar's Office.

University of Wisconsin Colleges assesses a $20 fee for a returned check, in addition to any fee charged by your bank.  If a check is returned for any reason, the payment will not be counted as timely payment against any outstanding balance.

To avoid any misunderstandings about the various tuition and fee policies, students should obtain specific information about these from the Bursar's Office prior to registration.

Delinquent Account

Any student whose account goes in default will be responsible for all collections costs incurred by UW Colleges including but not limited to collection agency fees, collection agency percentage-based fees not to exceed 33%, credit bureau fees, legal fees, service of process fees, publication fees, witness fees, reasonable attorney fees, recording fees, and any finance charges UW Colleges may assess.  Delinquent accounts may also be certified with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR).  DOR will make claims for the total due against any refunds, overpayments, lottery payments, or other assets students may have.

Holds are removed from accounts manually when accounts become delinquent.  The method of payment dictates how long the wait will be.  Payment through electronic methods will require 7 business days for complete processing.  A personal check will require 14 business days for processing.

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