UW Colleges Online Tuition & Fees

Lowest Tuition

UW Colleges Online tuition and fees are among the lowest in the University of Wisconsin System.

Tuition & Fees per Session
 Type Amount
Course Fee (Per Credit)* $25.00
Tuition (Per Credit)** $238.00
BAAS (Per Credit)** $315.00

 *The $25 per credit online course fee is non-refundable after Preview Week starts for each term. For specific dates, please visit the Academic Calendar.

**Online courses cannot be included in the 12-18 credit full-time campus College tuition. All online courses are individually charged per credit ($238 per credit, $25 online course fee per credit) in addition to regular tuition.

Late Fees

$100 late fees will be applied to unpaid balances after the due date. Please check your PRISM account regularly, as you will not be notified but are responsible for unpaid balances. Unpaid balances will be turned over to a professional collection agency at the end of the term. 

Additional Information

Tuition rates are the same for Wisconsin residents and non-residents. View the UW Colleges Online Academic Calendar for registration deadlines. Visit the UW Colleges Online Business Office page for more information regarding online course fee charges and refunds.

Follow the payment instructions carefully, as you will not receive an invoice.

Please note, if you register for both Summer and Fall courses, tuition payment will be credited first to the Summer term until the tuition balance is paid in full. This applies to registration for both campus and Online courses. If you are a UWC campus student who is registered for both Summer and Fall and need to make a Fall payment for Online courses only before your Summer tuition is paid in full, please contact UW Colleges Online.