Student Governance Council

The UW-System has a dual structure for governance. Each campus has a student government and a collegium comprised of faculty, staff, and students, but there is also a governance structure at the institutional level. At the institutional level, the University of Wisconsin Colleges Senate consists of faculty, staff, and students with the chancellor as the presiding officer.

Students have three representatives and three alternates who are elected by the SGC and sit on the UW Colleges Senate. The SGC also serves as a forum for students to represent their campuses in discussion about various policies and procedures that impact the UW Colleges, as well as benefit from others’ experiences encountered at the campus level. The SGC serves as the students' voice at the institutional level.

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2015-16 Council Officers

President: Graham Pearce / UW-Marshfield/Wood County
Vice President:  Martin Sandberg / UW-Barron County
Financial Director: Marly Hammerling/UW-Sheboygan
Executive Director: Samantha Gerland/UW-Barron County
First Year Officer: Lamonte Moore/UW-Fond du Lac

Advisor: Sue Kalinka, UW-Waukesha

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